My whole life I sought to find a passion that would consume me and give my life a divine meaning that I could be reminded of every day. There were paths of light as well as roads of unfortunate circumstances that I had to experience in order to lead me to the peace I can so fortunately experience now. Although many more passages to go, experiencing the process of loneliness into solitude is the lesson that brought me to discover my happiness; coming out of my loneliness and accepting my solitude is what grounded my soul. Which led me to title my first art collection “A Dreamer’s Solitude.”


It should be known that my passion is not the act of jewelry design, but the creation of art paired with symbolic meanings. With each design and product hand made by me, I provide a piece of symbolic art that represents a deeper meaning than what meets the eye. I hope for the energies within the natural earth bound crystals, and the symbolisms within my art to connect with you and enhance all the beauty in which is within and surrounding you and your life. A couple years ago I promised myself to see the beauty in everything I perceive, now I live a life of radiant light.


Thank you.