I am ALWAYS asked about my nails and it's actually something some people (me included) take very seriously! The way I grew out my nails is I started doing the DIP polish, which is a thicker form of polish that helps prevent your nails from breaking. 

SHAPE - the shape of your nail is everything. 

I asked for a narrow almond shape.

I tend to always get nude but every once in a while I get the urge to pop a Big Apple Red, or Lincoln Park After Midnight type energy. 

I genuinely think the color of my nails predicts the mood I will have for the next two weeks (or however long the polish lasts). 

I actually have finally found a nail salon that can provide me with the diva like services I require; on the east coast, but still searching on the west coast.

For my Rhode Island/ Massachusetts babes, LA BOUTIQUE NAILS did me good. It took me a while to find a place is this area that could hook me up to be honest. But these ladies are so sweet and do a great job.


1080 Hope St

Providence, RI 02906



Hello Babes. 

Before I begin lets all acknowledge that we all have different skin, hair, body types, etc., but what I mention seems to be what helps me the most! Also, products will be linked and if you purchase them know that you are supporting other small business owners, bringing a big smile to our faces. I thank you for supporting me, beautiful radiant creatures 

I recently began using a product line called Jan Marini Skin Research. I have three products from them; the C- ESTA CLEANSING GEL, the SKIN ZYME, and the CLEAN ZYME. 

I have extremely dry skin which can lead to dry acne if I do not keep it hydrated, so I make sure I do not overly cleanse my face. 

I rinse my face with water in the morning, and cleanse my face with the C- ESTA CLEANSING GEL once at night. I use the SKIN ZYME, which is an amazing product that eats away dead skin (so cool, right?) it's a mask that acts as a deep exfoliant, and I use the CLEAN ZYME to wipe it off. 

Before I sleep, I always apply the REJUVENIQE ® Oil Intensive by MONAT to prevent aging and to rehydrate my skin as well as Vitamin E Oil on my lips. 

Whenever I visit home the first thing I do is call my babe Jen Potter. She performs Reiki Healing during my facial session and it literally calms me and heals me from things when I didn't even know I needed healing!

Anyways, I get the Dermaplaning Silk Collagen Facial. Yes, dermal-planing is when they shave your face. First, she cleansed my skin, then the dermal-planing. She applied the SKIN ZYME (which is what made me NEED to buy it) which ate away all the left over dead skin. After this she hydrated my skin with a collagen treatment mask then performed a facelift massage with the Jan Marini Transformation Cream applied to finish it all off. 


160 E Main St.

Westborough, MA 01581

I spend money and time on my skin because the feeling of makeup on my skin truly discomforts me, so trying to have naturally glowing skin is a goal of mine!



I like to go for a chill, rock & roll kind of vibe for my hair. Looks like I just woke up, but a bit too perfect to have just gotten up if that makes sense. 

In LA I found my perfect babe. Jam Leonard, a vintage stylist who has been doing makeup and hair for years. Her talents are on a very long list. She inhabits an energy of chill and loving vibes, mixed with an edgy rock and roll angel; PERFECT! She has dyed my hair twice already and I am obsessed.

Investing in Violet and Blue shampoo is a life saver. It keeps my hair looking cool toned and white. I get both of mine off amazon! Prices range between 13-20$ (not too crazy). 

For careless curls I use a 2 inch barrel curling wand and do every other piece, leaving some of my natural curls hanging out so I don't look too done up.

My life changed once I stopped brushing my hair! My natural beach waves serviced. I get out of the shower and I just scrunch my hair up with my hands. In the shower I brush my hands through my hair after using a good conditioner. 

One product I do highly recommend for blow drying hair or any form of heat treatment on the hair is the COLOR WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray. Only $28 on amazon! If I decide to blow dry my hair before I go out, I ALWAYS use this spray. It makes my hair look and feel silky smooth for days. I love it.