✧ 14mm hoop earring, made with non-tarnish & hypoallergenic gold, paired with genuine lapis lazuli ✧



✧ stone of inspiration

✧ brings mental strength to overcome trauma and grief

✧ clears emotional baggage 

✧ teaches compassion & enhances wisdom

✧ promotes self awareness



14k Gold Filled is thought to be the economical alternative to solid gold. It is hypoallergenic and completely different than plated, as the layers of solid gold are much thicker. The quality of this material is right below solid gold. It takes a couple life times to lose it's tone as this is one of the very precious materials high brands use.



Lapis Lazuli has been highly praised on record since the 7th millennium BCE (7000 BC to 6001 BC) - 7000 was the beggining of Neolithic culture / stone age begins to end as the first farming developments began bringing agriculture to the region of Egypt. 


Many Lapis Lazuli beads were found in ancient burrials sites from over 12,000 years ago beginning in southern Asia. 

In 1320 BC within the tomb of a well known Egpytian Pharaoh, his entire facial mask was made of solid gold and lapis lazuli. 


Lapis Lazuli was thought to protect the wearer into the afterlife, as well as the valuables buried with the wearer. This stone was found within ancient burial sites of the first documented civilizations in the world. This stone was also used to make beads, amulets, and scarabs as inlay jewelry mainly in the middle and new kingdoms. 

Ancient Lapis & Gold Hoops