BALANCE (Sun & Moon): Rose Quartz & Blue Celestite
AWAKENED (eye w/ sm. stars): Blue Celestite
TRANSCEND INTO DIMENSIONS (eye with sun & moon, star, transcend symbol): Rose Quartz 

What we view in the world, is in a way, a reflection of how we view ourself. Once we believe in the beauty of ourself, we cannot help but see the beauty in everything else. 

We have two eyes to look, and one eye to see. This painting symbolizes the ability and strength to see the radiance in life as well as love & accept ourself. 

Some paintings include pieces of rose quartz which spread the positive and joyful energy to those who keep this painting around them. 

Other paintings include pieces of Blue Celestite, helpful in spreading calming energy and a sense of serenity to any environment. 
Rose Quartz opens up the heart chakra to all forms of love: from assisting one’s journey of gaining self-confidence and self- acceptance to being able to receive and give love to others. This stone is often used to raise the wearer’s self- esteem by purifying the heart, allowing them to view beauty of all kinds and to attract love & peace.
Blue Celestite (these specific pieces of Celestite are from Madagascar, an island off the coast of East Africa) This crystal is associated with the throat chakra, as well as the third eye and crown chakras. This stimulates spiritual senses of communication, creating this crystal to be known to help one to connect with one’s guardian angels or spirit guides. Celestite holds energies of tranquility and serenity, as it is a crystal of peace, releasing those with high anxiety leaving one calm within the stone’s presence.

Awakened Celestial Paintings