✧ comes with a large raw piece of labradorite from Madagascar, yellow daisies & purple carnations ✧


Let this bundle remind you of the divine feminine energy you carry and the potential you are able to hold. Once you are aware of your power, you may awaken the Goddess 𓁿



✧ associated with all chakras

✧ closely linked to the divine and spiritual growth

✧ enhances mental sharpness and intuition

✧ energizes imagination bringing in new ideas

✧ strengthens, transforms, balances, and protects the auric field



✧ known to spread positive light energy

✧ flower of happiness and joy



✧ symbolize change and acceptance of others differences 

✧ promotes an open mind 

✧ unpredictable energy in an exciting and positive light 


Awakening the Modern Goddess Bundle