Crown: associated with consciousness, wisdom, spirituality, connection with the divine

Clear Quartz is highly valued by spiritual leaders and healers. It is a stone of manifestation helping the wearer think clearly while assisting in spiritual awareness.


Third Eye: associated with intuition, sense of purpose in life

Amethyst is known to enhance intuition through stimulating the third eye chakra. It also aids in allowing us to let go of things in which do not serve our highest good.


Throat: associated with self- expression, communication

Sodalite aids in stimulating the throat chakra, allowing the true expression of how we think and feel. This stone is known to clear the mind creating pure thoughts.


Heart: associated with compassion, connection, love, self - acceptance

Amazonite aids with releasing toxic emotions held with the heart chakra. This stone is also used to resolve blockages and help one become more aware of our emotions.


Solar Plexus: associated with personal power

Citrine is a stone of light emitting happiness and optimism. It is known to help with providing mental comfort while clearing away emotional distress.


Sacral: associated with strength, confidence, creativity, sexuality

Smokey Quartz is known as the stone of power due to it being an excellent grounding and protection stone. It aids with healing and restoring one after being exposed and drained by toxic energies.


Root: associated with security, survival, instinct, sense of belonging

Garnet is known to aid with self-esteem and spiritual awareness. It balances the root chakra, allowing one to feel secure within themselves and their environment.

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