✧ Includes a piece of Rose Quartz from Brazil, a piece of Selenite from Morocco, a piece of Clear Quartz from Brazil, and instructions ✧


✧ Rose Quartz opens up the heart chakra to all forms of love: from assisting one’s journey of gaining self-confidence and self- acceptance to being able to receive and give love to others. This stone is often used to raise the wearer’s self- esteem by purifying the heart, allowing them to view beauty of all kinds and to attract love & peace.


✧ Clear Quartz is known as the master healer and protection stone. This crystal is highly valued by spiritual leaders and healers, as it has been recognized since ancient times as a source of light to all mankind. Keep this piece by your bed side and hold it whenever you need a boost of positivity, as many believe this crystal enhances positive energy of all kinds especially regarding to daily thoughts and feelings.


✧ Selenite is one of the most important crystals to have as it harmonizes as well as cleanses other crystals. This crystal attracts the energy of light and positivity and illuminates energies of purification regarding to one’s mental and spiritual space. Many people place this crystal in their windows, as this crystal is known to deflect negative energy of all forms. Keep this crystal around your other stones and use it when you’re in need of cleansing or recharging your crystals.

✧ Clear Quartz is from Corinto, M.G., Brazil, Rose Quartz is from
Brazil, and Selenite Sticks are from Morocco ✧

Crystal Starter Pack

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