available metals 14k gold filled, .925 sterling silver

available lengths 16" or 20"

rose quartz as center stone

rainbow moonstone attached to enhance goddess energy 


Let this necklace remind you of your divine femininity and all things that are composed to make you the peaceful, but powerful being you are. 



Hathor is the ancient Egyptian goddess of love and happiness. She was known to have created and maintained all life on earth. She was known as a sky diety associated with the afterlife, fertility, music, and dance. 



Unconditional Love & Peace

✦ opens the heart to all forms of love

✦ self- confidence and acceptance of inner self

✦ purifies the heart allowing one to recieve and give love to others 



14k Gold Filled is thought to be the economical alternative to solid gold. It is hypoallergenic and completely different than plated, as the layers of solid gold are much thicker. The quality of this material is right below solid gold. It takes a couple life times to lose it's tone as this is one of the very precious materials high brands use.



✦ attracts and retains the energy emited from the stones it is paired with

✦ identified with the manifestations of the eternal goddess

✦ silver is reflective, symbolizing the reflect of negativity from the wearer

✦ known to conjure patience and perserverance 

Hathor’s Divinity Necklace (Rose Quartz)