✧ avaiable in 16" and "20, 14k Gold Filled Satelite Chain, 14k Gold Filled Charm w/ Cubic Zirconia Crystals ✧


☤ A N G I T I A ☤

Angitia is the goddess of snakes and healing from ancient Italia. Throughout history, snakes have been a symbol of a creative life force. The shedding of their skin reminds us of transformation and the power of rebirth; a piece of us dying in order for another piece of us to be born. Let this necklace remind you that you always have a choice in regards to who you want to be. You may let a piece of you die in order to birth the person you want to become.



14k Gold Filled is thought to be the economical alternative to solid gold. It is hypoallergenic and completely different than plated, as the layers of solid gold are much thicker. The quality of this material is right below solid gold. It takes a couple life times to lose it's tone as this is one of the very precious materials high brands use.

Angitia’s Necklace (Snake)