This item comes in a gold decorative gold box w/ symbolisms for each product inside (perfect for a gift) including:


𓁿 3 pieces of palo santo

𓁿 1 piece of california white sage

𓁿 dried lavender bundle 

𓁿 a crystal bundle including - aquamarine, kyanite, howlite, & sodalite



Palo Santo, also known as "holy wood", is known for it's energetic purification and healing properties. It has been believed by Shamans and healers to have immense healing properties used for sacred rituals. This wood has been believed as such dating back to the indigenous people, such as those in the Andes, and the Incas.



Dating thousands of years back, many tribes and communities used sage. White sage specifically burns slowly while eliminating and neutralizing the negative energy that was once within the area, releasing it back into the Earth.



Lavender has been used throughout centuries to aid anxiety and depression, as well as insomnia. This plant has been proven to improve negative moods and release those who are stressed.


Crystal Bundle Symbolisms


Aquamarine is known to obtain calming energies as this crystal represents the relaxation of the ocean. It aids with soothing anxieties and releasing stress, while also helping in letting go of things in which do not serve our highest good by helping us perceive the truth.



Sodalite is associated with the throat chakra, relating to communication, and the third eye chakra which aids one in interpreting the symbols within the world around them. This stone provides assistance in calming anxiety and strengthening self -acceptance. This stone enhances calmness of the mind, helping one create and sustain rational thoughts.



Howlite is associated with the crown chakra as it opens up the chakra to spiritual consciousness and mental awareness. This stone is known as a powerful calming stone that soothes anxiety as well as aids in assisting one when falling asleep by relaxing the mind. This stone is known to absorb feelings of anger and rage overall relieving one from built up tension.



Kyanite is associated with the throat and third eye chakra. This crystal illuminates balance, causing one to have a calm mind aiding in deep meditative states that open the third eye. Kyanite helps one recognize their unique abilities and how those attributes can be used within their soul mission. This stone spreads energy of balance, patience, and respect; for oneself and others.


The Calming & Cleansing Kit