Intuition, Purification, Balance, & Peace

Rainbow moonstone is associated with the third eye and crown chakra. This crystal is known to bring joy into one’s energy field, while providing positive protection. Also known for it’s properties of emotional balance and strength, this crystal is known to ground and center the wearer, while promoting beneficial optimism.


The Triple Moon, also known as the Triple Goddess symbol, represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. These three beings portray the waxing, full, and waning moon. Through these three rainbow moonstone crystals being linked together we are reminded of our phases and the divine feminine power that is held within each stage of life; purity, contentment, and wisdom.  



14k Gold Filled is thought to be the economical alternative to solid gold. It is hypoallergenic and completely different than plated, as the layers of solid gold are much thicker. The quality of this material is right below solid gold. It takes a couple life times to lose it's tone as this is one of the very precious materials high brands use.

Triple Moon Necklace