✧ Includes a piece of Rose Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone & Pink Tourmaline ✧


Rose Quartz aids with restoring trust and harmony with ourselves and others. This stone is a comfort stone that is beneficial when used in times of grief or mourning. Rose Quartz carries the energies of unconditional love & peace.


Rainbow Moonstone helps strengthen one’s intuition and create new beginnings. Rainbow Moonstone carries the energy of love and the divine feminine.


✧ Pink Tourmaline is the most powerful healing stone in regard to anything related to the heart of any form of love. It is most helpful to those who have experienced any form of abuse (mental/emotional/physical). This stone also helps release depression, guilt, stress & anxiety. Pink Tourmaline is known for its energy of the light within our hearts.

Ultra Healing Bundle (Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, & Rainbow Moonstone)